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Sage Training for accounts in Nottingham

Sage Training for accounts in Nottingham

Nottingham Accounting Solutions Ltd can help you

•Sage Training

When you have invested in Sage Accounts software, either Sage Line 50 or Sage Instant Accounts, it needs to work for your business. OK you can go on a Sage Accounts training course which are very expensive, very general and usually miles away from your business. We offer one-to-one Sage Training on your own system for you and your staff. Our Sage Training is tailored to suit your ability and confidence from a complete Sage beginner to a competent Sage user. We also offer further Sage training and support training as you go through your month end, VAT returns and year end routines at the appropriate times. See our website for more details at Sage Training for Accounts in Nottingham

•Sage Accounts Installation, Set up and configuration

Save yourself hours and hours of your precious time – let us install your Sage Accounts Software, then set it up and configure it for YOUR business. This alone can save you hours of frustration.

•Sage Accounts software sales

As a Sage Accountants Club member, Nottingham Accounting Solutions Ltd can provide you with the latest Sage products at competitive prices.


•Nottingham Accounting Solutions Ltd can sell you the Sage software, install it, set it up and configure it to your business, training you or your staff to use it on a one – to – one basis and also offer the ongoing support for as long as you need it. Quite a cost effective solution to your needs. We aim to put you on the fast track to getting the most out of your Sage Accounts software but as an alternative, why not outsource your accounting and bookkeeping to Nottingham Accounting Solutions.

Take a look at our Accounts and Bookkeeping Nottingham Mansfield web page for more details.

We also offer Sage Training for Payroll Nottingham Mansfield.

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Accounting Principles

Accounts, Bookkeeping and Payroll can be a burden to small business. This new series of blogs from Nottingham Accounting Solutions aims at making Accounts, Bookkeeping and Payroll a little clearer.

Accounting Principles

If everyone involved in the process of accounting followed their own system, or no system at all, there would be no way to truly tell whether a company was profitable or not. Most companies follow what are called Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, or GAAP, and there are huge tomes in libraries and bookstores devoted to just this one topic. Unless a company states otherwise, anyone reading a financial statement can make the assumption that company has used GAAP.

These GAAP principles are not cut and dried, however. They're guidelines and as such are often open to interpretation. Estimates have to be made at times, and they require good faith efforts towards accuracy. You've surely heard the phrase "creative accounting" and this is when a company pushes the envelope a little (or a lot) to make their business look more profitable than it might actually be. This is also called massaging the numbers. This can get out of control and quickly turn into accounting fraud, which is also called cooking the books. The results of these practices can be devastating and ruin hundreds and thousands of lives, as in the cases of Enron, Rite Aid and others.

Nottingham Accounting Solutions Ltd offer accounts, bookkeeping and payroll services in the Nottingham and Mansfield area as well as Sage sales, set-up and 1 - to - 1 training on Sage accounts and Sage payroll. So why not take a look at